About Us

Momentum aims to bring Abu Dhabi's cycling community under one roof. We want to develop a strong and convenient platform for people who want to stay fit and share their love for cycling.

We want to create a space for like-minded people to get together and talk about quality sports, enhanced lifestyle, and spread awareness in the community regarding developing healthy hobbies. To encourage people, we offer assistance from the most respected and innovative brands with highest levels of service and maintenance.

Momentum intends to go out of its way to support and sponsor local and international sports events happening in the region. We are going to be at the forefront and work in collaboration with governments, corporates, and schools to bring forth a cycling community.

In addition, Momentum also hosts Momentum Cafe, which is inspired by and designed to replicate our everlasting energy. We have created a relaxing and fun cycling-themed interior for people and sports enthusiasts of Abu Dhabi to meet and enjoy a cup of coffee.


Our vision is clear and bold to develop a strong commune of sportspeople who will come together to spread the goodness of cycling and its benefits towards the environment and health. To guide the community to add sports, especially cycling into their routines as a lifestyle option by offering the best brands, services and knowledge available. To be the desired retailer for product varieties, quality-service and appreciated by customers for our honesty and dedication.


Our mission is to serve customers of all ages and abilities with an unforgettable experience, world class products, and excellent service quality. We want to be the constant leaders for novices who want to take up cycling or to people who want to reignite their passion for cycling.