12 Mar 2021

How to clean your bike chain and drivetrain in five minutes

Clean your bike chain and drivetrain like a pro

You don’t need large amounts of time or a fancy workshop to clean your bikes properly. This video from former elite-level racer and Cyclist deputy editor Stu proves you don’t even need a hosepipe to get your drivetrain back to 'good-as-new' in double quick time. Useful as not only will this mean your machines stay looking nice and working correctly, it’ll save you a heap of cash by preventing premature wear

So, no excuses for not keeping your chain and components spotless.

Step 1: Chain cleaning device goes to work

Start by filling the chain cleaning device with the indicated amount of degreaser and attach it to the lower part of the chain – roughly in the middle between the lower jockey wheel and chainrings.

Once attached hold it in place and rotate the cranks backwards to start the chain running through the device. Count around 30-40 pedal revolutions. Check the chain to see how it is looking.

Continue with further pedal rotations if the chain is really grimey (shame on you) and needs more cleaning. Consider adding further fresh degreaser to the chain cleaner if the grime is really stubborn.

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